Nils Westerlund - Portfolio

Nils Westerlund - Portfolio


A new Design Language by IBM

As Design Director I lead a team at Doberman that worked with IBM to design and develop the presentation of their IBM Design Language. Now live on!

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Spotify Analytics

Spotify is a world leading commercial music streaming service. We helped kick start the design of a new product to empower record labels with actionable insights on the performance of their releases.

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Free public Wi-Fi for New Yorkers. Building on the challenge of showing people what they don't already consume on their handheld devices, our response was to create easy-to-access, contextual and hyper localized information tools.

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Building on the possibility to create a new mobile medium to capture DIY skills, How.Do was founded with support from top tier investors and advisors like Kickstarter co-founder Charles Adler. Adopted by teenagers, How.Do quickly into a million people strong DIY community. I was one of its co-founders.


Urbanears Speakers

Music has the ability to affect us in ways other mediums simply cannot. Yet setting up wireless speakers is a mess. When Urbanears set out to change the way we listen, they wanted to start at the beginning. We helped them bridge physical and digital design.

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"The goal of every interaction with a fan or supporter is to make them a friend. SuperPhone helps you build deeper relationships in every step of your artist journey", says founder and artist Ryan Leslie. We re-designed the SuperPhone iOS app from ground up.

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Dancing with Georgia

As a response to society's detachment from nature, 'Dancing with Georgia' is an interactive audio visual installation allowing participants to reconnect. A snake plant activating a video and sound palette over an eight point speaker system lets participants contribute by manipulating the audio and video streams with their movements.

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Uppsala WiFi

When google and the city of Uppsala partnered to provide free high-speed public WiFi, we were invited to re-think the connect flow. We also took the opportunity to link to Uppsala's academic roots by providing easy access to raw data on how the network is being used.

I joined SoundCloud as its 7th team member back in 2008, just a couple of months pre-launch. My first task was to sort out the launch party, and my last was to head up the creative commons licensing integration. During those 3 years, I learnt a ton about building a content platform for a creative community.